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Meet the team behind Loughlin Furniture

The passion began nearly 20 years ago when Rob first experienced working with slab timber on the East Coast of Australia.

It later followed a stint at the famous Paddington Markets where owners Rob & Jess Loughlin started to grow and develop the Loughlin style and range. Over the years they’ve worked closely with customers in creating unique and bespoke pieces, transforming ideas into inspiring spaces.

Fast forward 10 years and Loughlin Furniture has grown into one of Australia’s leading design and manufacturing family owned brands. With a team of highly skilled craftsman Loughlin Furniture create individual furniture pieces primarily from individually selected solid timber. Behind the scenes the team has a personalised design approach with advice as well as the ability to translate current trends. Combine this with simplicity of design and quality of finish the client receives the very best in Australian designed and built timber furniture.