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Unfolded: Behind the Design Podcast – Featuring Loughlin Furniture

Unfolded: Behind the design – Featuring Loughlin Furniture


We are very excited to be sharing Camilla Ingall, owner and interior design of Unfolded Design Studio’s third episode on ‘Behind the Design’ podcast series. In this episode, Camilla delves deep into the symbolic relationship between interior designers and the invaluable suppliers who help bring their projects to life.

We were thrilled when Camilla asked us to be guests on the podcast. We discussed the importance of staying in our own lane, how comparison is the thief of joy, and finding a balance between personal and professional life as a business owners. Join us as we dive into the insights of our journey, the creative process of Loughlin Furniture products and how we have built a successful brand.

We invite you to tune in and LISTEN to this episode on APPLE PODCAST, SPOTIFY or wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts.

Check out a snippet of the podcast here.
Unfolded Podcast hosted by Camilla Ingall featuring Loughlin Furniture | Jess & Rob Loughlin Share their story