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Timber Range


Blackbutt, a robust and enduring Eucalyptus Hardwood, thrives abundantly along the Eastern coast of Australia. Its resilience is matched only by the striking aesthetics it offers. The tree’s sturdy base is cloaked in a rugged, thick bark that takes on a deep ebony hue when subjected to fire. What truly sets Blackbutt apart is its refined features – a flawlessly clean, straight grain, and a consistently smooth texture. Accentuating these attributes are commonly occuring timber characteristics that add a touch of distinctiveness to its character. Bathed in a warm, nutty hue, Blackbutt seamlessly harmonizes with a diverse range of interior designs, particularly those embracing a lighter, neutral palette.


Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum stands as an exquisite timber, a gem desired amoung Architects and Designers on a global scale. It captivates their creative senses with its remarkable back-sawn grain structure, alluring fiddleback pattern, and a vibrant spectrum of hues. This majestic timber, native to vast and diverse forest ecosystems stretching from the New South Wales coastal strip into Queensland, earns its name from the distinctive spotted markings that emerge as the tree gracefully sheds its bark in strips throughout its life. It’s the innate, awe-inspiring spectrum of colors, ranging from deep, rich browns to delicate, sunlit straw tones, that draws admirers of Spotted Gum into its embrace, making it an exceptional choice for any discerning craftsman or designer.


Tasmanian Oak Natural

Tasmanian oak stands as a testament to the exquisite beauty of Australian hardwood timber, representing a trio of species thriving amidst the rugged landscapes of Tasmania’s mountains. It boasts a captivating tonal palette, ranging from delicate strawberry hues to rich reddish-browns accompanied by elegant creams. The grain pattern, a hallmark of Tasmanian oak, reveals an unwavering straightness and remarkable uniformity, making it a prime choice for those seeking a timber that radiates both luminosity and harmony in spaces.


American Oak

American Oak, is an imported hardwood, governed by sustainable forestry practices in North America. Its captivating attributes unfurl as a symphony of blonde to medium golden brown hues, gracefully adorning a wavy grain pattern. Contrasting this elegance, a robust and expressive open grain weaves its way, occasionally punctuated by delicate knots. In comparison to the wild variations found in Blackbutt, American Oak boasts a remarkable consistency that gracefully unifies each piece, making it an exemplary choice for those seeking both aesthetic harmony and sustainable sourcing in their timber selection.


American Oak – Natural Finish

Our bespoke Natural finish American Oak pays homage to the inherent beauty of American Oak by embracing its rich tapestry of colors and tones. It accentuates the captivating warmth and honey-hued essence that American Oak is cherished for. This results in a versatile and harmonious timber finish that effortlessly compliments a wide spectrum of tile and tapware colors, making it an ideal choice for elevating the aesthetics of any space.


American Oak – Light Finish

After years of meticulous research and development, we proudly present our exclusive Light finish for American Oak—a hallmark innovation distinctive to Loughlin Furniture. This remarkable finish exquisitely showcases the cool, subtle grey undertones, a testament to our unwavering appreciation for the natural beauty that sets it apart from the ordinary.


American Oak – Aged Finish

Through our proprietary ‘Ageing Process,’ meticulously crafted in-house, we artfully intensify the character of the wood by darkening its grain, resulting in an utterly distinctive aesthetic. This transformative technique not only enriches and emboldens the deeper, open grain, but it also deepens the raw, medium golden-brown portions of the timber, creating a harmonious interplay of textures and shades that is genuinely unparalleled.


American White Ash

American White Ash stands as a versatile timber, cherished for its extensive utility across a diverse spectrum of interior styles. Its visual allure is a testament to nature’s artistry, showcasing variations in appearance depending on the specific subspecies from which the timber derives its origins. It has captivating hues spanning from a serene greyish-brown to a gentle, light brown, occasionally adorned with delicate streaks of pale yellow & brown accent interwoven.



Are you wild about the profound and luxurious hues found in solid American Walnut? We share your passion. Every one of our creations is meticulously handcrafted, designed to magnify the inherent splendor of each timber variety, and American Walnut is an exemplar of this commitment. Commonly referred to as Black Walnut, this wood possesses an innate depth, boasting a palette that unfurls the opulent shades of caramel and dark chocolate. Its grain pattern, both straight and gracefully wavy, adds to its allure, creating an exquisite symphony of character and beauty.


American Oak Veneer Natural & Light

Our Real Timber Veneer comprises a thin layer of genuine American Oak that captures the rich grain, texture, and unmistakable warmth present in all Loughlin Furniture’s timber range. Not only does our veneer option offer an eco-conscious alternative to solid timber, but it also extends the utility of each tree, promoting a more sustainable supply chain. Through close collaboration with our suppliers, we have ensured the end result of American Oak in our Real Timber Veneer options holds onto the essence of our much loved signature style of Natural & Light timber finishes.

Real American Oak Natural Veneer and Real  American Oak Light Veneer are now available for our Valley Range.

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